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  • jxrxqy.compressor-leading screw air compressor

    jxrxqy.compressor (ShangHai) Co。, Ltd is a subsidiary invested by German jxrxqy.compressor Co。,Ltd。 We not only inherit advanced design concept and precise manufacturing technology from German industry, but also comb。。。

  • Air compressor oil performance : what are the requirements

    1base oil quality to be high Compressor oil base oil can be divided into mineral oil and synthetic oil type two categories。 Mineral oil compressor oil production by solvent refining, solvent dewaxing, hydrogenation or clay finis。。。

  • Compressor

    In 1, according to the compressed air in different ways, can be divided into two categories: First, the power type: through dry type centrifugal Second, volume: piston type screw vane etc。 In 2, according to the compressor disch。。。

  • The basic structure of screw compressor

    We usually say refers to the twin screw compressor screw compressor。 In a compressor host in parallel configuration with a pair of corresponding meshed spiral rotor, usually the day outside the circle with convex teeth of the 。。。

  • The working principle of air compressor

    1, the process of breathing: Screw type air inlet side suction mouth, must be designed so that compression chamber can be fully aspirated, and the screw compressor has the inlet and exhaust valves, intake of only one control v...

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